Unique Eyeglasses From Designer Eyewear Brands

Here at Eyewearhaus we pride ourselves on the idea of individuality. We believe that one’s personality is a unique and amazing thing and their eyewear should reflect it. That’s why we chose to become the name in variety and quality for eyewear in St Louis. We carry hundreds of unique frames from the top designers in eyewear allowing you to pick and choose until your glasses fit your personality perfectly.

So come into our eyewear boutique located in Creve Coeur and find your new eyeglasses or sunglasses today. However, we must warn you. When you come to the Eyewearhaus Boutique in Creve Coeur you’ll have one new problem. With so many options, you won’t know what to pick! Here’s a list to help you start figuring it out:

Brands list

Oakley Eyewear

Are you athletic? Do you want to appear athletic in front of your more extreme friends? Either way Oakley is the choice for you. Oakley Eyewear focuses on sunglasses and prescription glasses for all athletes, sports enthusiasts and just plain cool people in general.

Maui Jim Sunglasses
Aloha! Alright, I’ve exhausted my Hawaiian. The point I’m making is that this Hawaiian company is Maika`I, which my translator assures me means great. They specialize in polarized eyewear so that whether you’re on a tropical vacation or in your backyard your eyesight stays crystal clear.
Lindberg Eyewear
Elegant, simple designs hand crafted to be the best. Lindberg takes their eyewear seriously and each pair of frames is a masterpiece all on its own. If you have ever wanted to wear a piece of art Lindberg is the brand for you.
Theo Eyewear
“Theo loves you” is the slogan of this quirky brand. What more can be said? Theo is a Belgian company that creates frames for the people like them, the fun, edgy people. It’s that individuality that stands out in their fantastic frames. 
Porsche Design Eyewear
Have you ever driven a Porsche? If you have then you know how it feels. For those who haven’t, just know that it’s amazing. Women want you and men want to be you (or vice-versa depending on what you fancy). Now imagine that distinguished design and superior workmanship in your eyewear. Yep, that’s what you get with Porsche’s eyewear.
l.a. Eyeworks
The product of two eccentric ladies starting a rad revolution with their frames. They started in L.A. with a single storefront and have become a huge, international success sharing their decidedly west coast style to the masses.
Cazal Eyewear
A brand straight out of the hay days of 80s hip-hop, Cazal’s signature styles are immediately recognizable from music videos and movies throughout the 80s and 90s. So if you’re looking for unrivaled design and craftsmanship that stands out from the crowd come in and try on this designer’s unique styles.
Anglo American Eyewear
London made since 1882, these frames are expertly crafted with the highest quality zyl available. Zyl is a lightweight, high-quality plastic that is great for making multi-layered, extremely creative designs. It’s fantastic and AAO are masters with it.
Kirk Originals Eyewear
Kirk Originals isn’t just a name. They truly are one of the originals and it shows in their quality and their drive. It is their mission to make sunglasses more than just a tool to keep sun out of your eyes. They want sunglasses to be regarded as a true luxury accessory.
Anne et Valentin Eyewear
Anne and Valentin came together more than 30 years ago not just as two of the great eyewear designers in the game, but as a couple. Brought together by a love of frames and each other these partners continues to innovate even today.
Caviar Collection Eyewear
Known for their use of high-quality Austrian crystals and elegantly designed frames, Caviar Collection Eyewear embodies sophistication and glamour that expresses an everyday elegance also appropriate for the most formal of occasions.
Taxi (Studio 3 Ochhaili) 
Color is highly expressive. It speaks to one’s personality and communicates it to everybody within sight. Studio 3 Occhaili knows all about this and embraces it fully. These are anything, but your plain Jane glasses.
Jaguar Eyewear
Just like the famous Jaguar automobile, Jaguar Eyewear is all about luxury, sophistication, style, quality and innovation. With these frames you will look and feel like a Jaguar. No, not the animal, but like a Jaguar customer.
Alain Mikli Eyewear
A world renowned French eyewear brand, Alain Mikli Eyewear specialize in advanced, comfort technology and meticulously crafted designs that can only be described as jewelry for your eyes.
Eye Funk Eyewear
Known for creating innovative designs and trend setting styles, Eye Funk brings their contemporary yet funky style to you all the way from France.
Eyenigma Eyewear
What do you get when you combine 15 years of optometry experience with a lifetime of artistic wonderment for the world’s mysteries? You get eyewear that is symbolic and expressive. You get Eyenigma designed by Stephen Kapoor.
Ronit Furst Eyewear
For a truly unique pair of glasses look no further than Ronit Furst Eyewear. Ronit Furst offers hand-painted designs on original frames. Combine that with your own unique style and bring color and life to you day.
EM Eyewear
Veni, Vidi, Vici! “I came, I saw, I conquered.” It’s what the Italian ‘Em Eyewear has done in the eyewear industry and it’s what you do when wearing a pair of their Italian crafted frames. The handmade frames offer bold colors and distinct shapes.
Ogi Eyewear
Sexiness, sophistication and unparalleled affordability. That’s what Ogi is all about.
Kame MaNen Eyewear
One of Japan’s oldest and most appreciated brands in eyewear. They pride themselves not on creating new trends with their eyewear, but on making classic designs timeless.
Ray Ban Eyewear
Ray Ban debuted in 1937 with their iconic aviator frames designed specifically for American Air Force pilots. You’ve probably seen them in Top Gun and on your cooler friends. They were an instant success and since then Ray Ban has become synonymous with countless celebrities and musicians.
Yabi Spirit Eyewear 
The eyes are the focal point of your entire being. It’s the first thing you see when you meet a person and they should make more than just a good impression they should be breathtaking. That’s where Yabi Spirit comes in.
Boz Eyewear
Feminine frames that aren’t for the faint of heart. Only sensual and stylish women need apply for these gorgeous and original designs.
J.F. Rey Eyewear
Traditional French manufacturing since conception. J.F. Rey Eyewear is an essential driving force on a market addicted to novelty.
Siegel Optik Eyewear
Aluminum. Aluminum is the metal of today and tomorrow. It’s light, it’s durable, it’s timeless and thanks to Siegel Optik we now carry two new aluminum lines: Zen and ALÜM.
Drift Eyewear
Get this. The original pair of Drift glasses were made out of an old, retired skateboard. They may have been completely unwearable, but they started a passion. Ever since then Drift has been using that passion to create completely unique wooden frames.
Iyoko Inyake Eyewear
Designed by the best in Belgium and manufactured by the best in Japan, Iyoko Inyake is topped off with a coating of 3.5 microns of gold.
Isson Eyewear
Napoleon Bonaparte said it and now Isson Eyewear says it. “Imagination rules the world.” That motto is about where the similarities end though. Bonaparte never made high quality eyewear with innovative designs. That’s Isson Eyewear.
Seraphin Eyewear (part of Ogi)
A line from Ogi Eyewear that pushes the boundaries of what it means to be part of the elite. These frames are classic with a modern twist just like you.
Rudy Project
Sporty glasses for sporty people. It doesn’t matter if you hit homeruns, kick goals, tear up the slopes, or anything else these are the prescription glasses and sunglasses for you.