About EYEWEARHAUS: Eyewear That is “Uniquely You!”

If you believe eyewear should not only improve how you see the world, but also how the world sees you, come to our EYEWEARHAUS. Entering our most unusual, unexampled shop, you will quickly realize this is not the optical world you have known in the past. We carry a huge variety of hand-made, exclusive, numbered and limited edition eyewear from some of the world’s leading custom eyewear designers you have not seen in the past.  We are an unique eyewear boutique that believes your eyewear should not only enrich your self-image and compliment your style but elevate your vision to the maximum utilizing the most advanced lenses available. With a huge number of unique eyewear and sunglass styles from which to choose, you are sure to find eyewear that fits your style and personality that will make you "Uniquely You". We also accept most vision plans or offer non-vision plan discounts toward the world's most sought-after, hot eyewear.

A Unique Eyewear Boutique in St. Louis Unique Eyeware Boutique in St. Louis

Eyewear for the Individual: About Our “Uniquely You” Slogan

Our “Uniquely You!” slogan is more than just a catchphrase; it is a commitment to our customers. We search the world for leading eyewear designers that offer unique designs and eclectic styles. Our selection of fashionable prescription eyewear aims to complement individual personalities and styles. We offer our patients more than just products made in mass quantities and styled for the general population. If you are interested in buying designer eyewear to emphasize your unique style and character, eyeglasses from EYEWEARHAUS are the ideal choice for you. Visit our St. Louis boutique for a hands-on shopping experience with some of the leading eyewear brands. We look forward to the opportunity of assisting you in finding the ideal eyewear for your personality.

Schedule an Eye Exam or Contact Exam

If you are interested in any of the unique eyewear you have seen on our website, please contact EYEWEARHAUS to schedule an eye exam at our unique boutique in St. Louis.

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State of the Art Lens Technology

At EYEWEARHAUS we not only supply a wide selection of unique designer eyewear, but we also utilize the latest in state of the art technology to provide you with the best and most protective eyewear available. The following are some of the latest technologies available at our eyewear boutique:

  • Ultra Thin Lenses – We use the latest technology in order to provide our clients with the thinnest possible lenses for your prescription. Our thin, lightweight lenses allow patients with even difficult prescriptions to choose from a variety of fashion frames from which they were previously limited due to lens thickness.
  • Progressive Lenses – Progressive lenses, also called “no-line bifocals” allow the wearer to see at all distances, including intermediate ranges. These lenses, available at EYEWEARHAUS, eliminate the visible bifocal lens and mimic natural vision with a seamless progression of lens powers.
  • Photochromic Lenses – Photochromic lenses are designed to automatically darken when exposed to UV light and then return to clear when the UV light is removed. Due to this transitional property, photochromic lenses offer superior protection and vision indoors and out.
  • UV Protection – Prescription Eyeglass and Sunglass lenses from EYEWEARHAUS offer superior UV protection to shield your eyes from the damaging effects of harsh UV rays.
  • Anti-glare Lenses- These lenses utilize the optical principle of destructive interference to eliminate harsh reflections from light bulbs on the surface your lenses.