Anne et Valentin Eyewear

It’s a true love story if ever there was one. A man, a woman and a passion for eyewear. In 1980, Anne and Valentin were lovebirds in Toulouse, France when Valentin got his optician’s degree. Soon enough they opened up their own shop, but it wasn’t long before they wanted more. They were unsatisfied with the limited selection of eyewear and decided to come up with their own colored acetate frames that they could sell in-store. By 1984 those frames became a complete collection simply titled Anne et Valentin. The rest is history.
Today Anne et Valentin continue to inspire the industry with their eyewear company that focuses on ergonomics, bold, lively styles and respecting those that wear them. This has always been Anne and Valentin’s goal as top eyewear designers and the company still lives by it today, as shown through each new design.


Eyeglasses should be more than just tools for seeing. They should be expressive and that’s what Anne et Valentin aims for. Each pair of glasses from these French designers utilizes a combination of bold colors and unique shapes that allow you to change your style at the drop of a hat. Fun and flirty? There’s a pair of frames for that. Sophisticated and sexy? Anne et Valentin has you covered. When you choose Anne et Valentin you are making a personal choice to let your character shine through in your glasses.


The Anne et Valentin collection is an ever growing assortment of prescription glasses and sunglasses that are designed with love and care to be highly expressive with unique shapes and colors.

Anne et Valentin frames are made in a variety of materials, which include lightweight titanium, colorful acetate and durable stainless steel.

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Express yourself with a pair of Anne et Valentin eyeglasses or sunglasses. We guarantee you’ll fall in love with them just like Anne and Valentin fell in love in the fall of 1980. Find a huge assortment of Anne et Valentin eyewear at Eyewearhaus Boutique in Creve Coeur today.

But just because you’re in the middle of falling in love doesn’t mean you should neglect your eyes. Our highly trained opticians are more than happy to update your prescriptions so you can see your best and look your best. Schedule an eye exam at Eyewearhaus Boutique today!

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