Caviar Collection Eyewear


Normally caviar is a luxury item that only the most elite indulge in, but you know what’s better than weird, black fish eggs? A pair of elegant glasses that will make you feel confident and sophisticated. That’s where Caviar Collection Eyewear comes in.

In 1994, Ultra Palm Optical noticed an upcoming trend in eyewear. People were interested in wearing frames that are trimmed, exotic and with the extra flare that makes them feel elegant; frames that are encrusted with crystals. That’s when they created the Caviar Collection. Since then, Caviar has come from the first in the crystal-coated category and has risen to the best in the category offering over 90 unique styles with and without crystals.


Whether you’re looking to wow your peers at your next dinner party, attending the theatre or just trying to show the world your more elegant side, Caviar Collection Eyewear is your golden ticket. Caviar offers several collections of frames for both men and women that include many styles ranging from their trademark crystals to sunglasses. Here are a few of Caviar’s best-selling collections:

  • Austrian Crystal Series: Caviar’s signature style makes you look glamorous and feel sophisticated with eye-catching, hand-cut stones set directly into the framework. A perfect complement to any evening wear or formal affair.
  • Champagne Series: A more subtle way to show the world that you are the “toast of the town.” Caviar’s Champagne Series offers expert, Italian craftsmanship and larger-than-usual frames with ornate designs that are sure to impress.
  • Sunglasses: Caviar Collection Eyewear also offers a wide variety of sunglasses to make sure you are dressed to impress wherever you are. These bold frames protect from UVA and UVB rays so that you don’t have to sacrifice substance for style.  


Caviar Collection Eyewear makes a bold statement about you.

Caviar frames are known for their trimmed architectural frames and their bold temple treatments. Some designs are created with genuine, exotic wood others are oversized to make a bold statement, but all of them are innovative and limited. In fact, each of Caviar’s exquisite designs are limited to just 5,000 frames ensuring that you have a pair of one-of-a-kind glasses or sunglasses.

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