Contact Exams

Contact Exams at a Unique Eyewear Boutique in St. Louis A Contact Exam is an eye exam for those planning to wear contact lenses. These exams typically include several extra tests in addition to those encountered in the typical eye exam. A contact lens exam will verify if you are a good candidate for wearing contact lenses. In addition, the eye doctor will determine the type of contact lenses that will offer the best fit for your eyes. If you are interested in obtaining a new contact lens prescription, or would like to find out if wearing contacts is an option for you, please contact EYEWEARHAUS in St. Louis to schedule your contact lens exam. Trial contact lenses are free with each complete contact lens eye exam.


Contact Exams for First Time Contact Lens Wearers

A contact eye exam for the first time contact lens wearer will include a number of tests in order to determine if you are a good candidate for contact lenses and which type of contacts will provide the best fit for your eyes. Today there is a variety of contact lenses available on the market so that just about every person should be able to find a contact style that offers the ideal fit for their eyes.

During your contact lens exam at EYEWEARHAUS in Creve Coeur, the first thing you should expect is a brief evaluation to determine if you are a good candidate for wearing contact lenses. In this evaluation, the eye doctor will ask about your individual vision goals, including when and how often you plan to wear contact lenses.

Contact Lens Measurements

Contact Eye Exams in St. Louis The next step in you contact exam at EYEWEARHAUS will be to take a series of measurements on your eyes. Your eye doctor will evaluate your eye surface curvature and take a pupil and iris measurements. A keratometer will be used to measure the curvature of your eye’s front surface, or cornea. By analyzing the light reflections from your cornea, the eye doctor can evaluate the curve of your eyes’ surface. The eye doctor will additionally use several instruments to measure the diameter of both your iris and pupil. These measurements are important for selecting a contact lens with the correct curve and size in order to give you the sharpest vision possible with your lenses.


Contact Care and Cleaning Instructions

If you are a first time contact lens wearer, your eye doctor will spend some time helping familiarize you with the process of putting in and taking out contacts. In addition, you will be given some basic care and cleaning tips for your contact lenses. The advice given to you during this portion of your contact eye exam is important in preventing eye problems and damage from the use of contact lenses. If you have any questions about contact lens care or use, please feel free to contact our Creve Coeur eye boutique for personalized attention.

Follow Up Visits

If you are getting contacts for the first time, after your first contact eye exam from EYEWEARHAUS in St. Louis, MO, you should expect to have at least one follow up visit in order to complete the contact lens fitting. In this visit, the eye doctor will examine the fit of the lens to ensure it is comfortable and provides good vision. After this visit, the eye doctor will provide you with a prescription for your ideal contact lenses.

Ongoing Care and Exams for Contact Lens Wearers

St. Louis Eye Exams If you are already happy with your current contact lenses, it is important to schedule annual contact exams for your eyes to ensure that your prescription remains current and that your eyes are in good health. If you need to schedule a contact lens exam in St. Louis to examine your eyes and update your contact lens prescription, please contact us at EYEWEARHAUS.