Iyoko Inyake

Iyoko Inyake and Sunglasses


Designed in Belgium and handcrafted in Japan, Iyoko Inyaké offers distinctive eyewear styles for both the modern man and the fashionable woman. Using the finest titanium and cellulose acetate, each model is carefully engineered to offer trend-setting style.


Iyoko Inyaké is an extremely high quality, innovative collection, made from rhodium and titanium with 3.5 microns of gold coating. This special coating, which is unique in the optical industry, allows for the vibrant colors you will see in this collection and facilitates the adhering process. Rhodium is just as light as titanium, nickel free and hypo allergenic. All acetates are of the highest quality and design; some have metal decoration and/or unique hinges.
  • Acetate: Using classic shapes and adding slight twists to definitive styles, Iyoko Inyaké offers uncanny acetate eyewear frames.
  • Metal: From rhodium to titanium, Iyoko Inyaké isn’t afraid to experiment with materials or trends.