Jaguar Eyewear


When you hear the word jaguar what do you think of? Odds are you’re not thinking about a jet black, predatory cat. It’s no surprise that what you were picturing was more than likely the sports car. Jaguar, the brand, has been an iconic status symbol since its conception - one that embodies luxury, sophistication and style for the elite. Whether you’re driving one of their sleek sports cars or wearing a pair of unique sunglasses you know that you’ve made it.

Jaguar eyewear is targeted at the “Executive Man”: the man who gives off the impression that he is the best at whatever he does even without the car and the jewelry, but chooses to accent it with a pair of sleek and stylish frames.

Jaguar is not interested in just creating the illusion that they are the best with snazzy products. They put in the time and effort to create high quality frames out of top of the line materials. Now we have eyewear that’s truly worthy of the Jaguar seal of approval: durable, comfortable and stylish.


The style of Jaguar is style. Their men’s eyewear is the cherry on top of any tailored suit and their sunglasses are the perfect fit whether you’re trying to look your best on the golf course or just taking a cruise through the countryside. 

Each frame that Jaguar offers is made out of top quality steel and lightweight titanium often with zyl accents.


Jaguar Eyewear keeps finding the right frames simple and elegant by providing you one large line with just two options: eyeglasses and sunglasses.

  • Men’s eyeglasses: High-end, classic frames manufactured with outstanding craftsmanship and elegant style designed to make you look professional and distinguished.
  • Men’s sunglasses: Sporty and aggressive frames for young professionals. They come in a variety of styles that will set you apart from your teammates and competition. Complete with polarized lenses to ensure optimal vision and protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

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Do you live the Jaguar lifestyle? Are you part of the elite? Do you pride yourself on luxury and style? Jaguar Eyewear is the choice for you. You can find a wide selection of Jaguar frames at Eyewearhaus Boutique located in Creve Coeur so come on in today.

No matter how cool you look in your new Jaguar glasses that can all be spoiled if you run into things. Schedule an eye exam today at Eyewearhaus Boutique and stay cool!

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