Kame ManNen Eyewear

We believe that optical frames are not just the tools for eyesight, but should reflect your true personality. Kame ManNen is not a product of trend but is based on a classical concept. However, we are constantly searching for and discovering new technology and new materials to utilize which helps us maintain a fresh approach.
Japan's oldest original optical frame collection, Kame ManNen, was introduced in the late 1940's by Mr. Kikujiro Kimura, a founder of the manufacturer that was established in 1917. The name of the collection is derived from a Japanese proverb "turtles live for ten thousand years" meaning the collection shall be a timeless one. Kame ManNen has been true to its philosophy in styling and quality.Kame ManNen Eyewear and Sunglasses

The fact that the Kame ManNen collection is constantly expanding worldwide is a supreme honor for us. We continue our work to produce Kame ManNen frames that we can forever be proud of.

Kame ManNen specializes in smaller frames for the narrow face. With signature looks such as round, thin wire frames as well as spin-offs on traditional plastic models, Kame ManNen has the most modernly traditional styles available.