Maui Jim Sunglasses


Founded in the 1980s not for the sake of style, but for function, Maui Jim Eyewear began their journey as a small company selling sunglasses in Lahaina, Hawaii. Soon enough, Maui Jim recognized a need for sunglasses that protect from the harsh UVA and UVB rays and the intense glare from the son in the tropics. After that it’s all history.

Today Maui Jim Eyewear has become a top brand in sunglasses because they recognized that need for lenses that could truly improve vision in intense and weak lighting condition. The difference is night and day. The Polarized Plus Lens is the top of the line in eye protection. It’s water resistant, smudge resistant and scratch resistant so you can go anywhere. It’s glare resistant and UV protected so you can see anywhere.


Each pair of Maui Jim frames stays true to their Hawaiian background. These frames have a distinct oceanic, sporty style that looks great whether you’re on the sandy shores of a far off tropical island or grilling up burgers for your neighbors at your own personal backyard luau.


Maui Jim offers a wide variety of sunglasses, each outfitted with the highest quality Polarized Plus lenses. They offer options for men and women and most of their frames can be fitted for prescription lenses. Here are a few of their most popular options:

  • Maui Gradient: Bold, classic frames that add a sense of elegance to any summer outing or golf game.
  • Maui Flex: Slimmer, sleeker frames made for the modern traveler.
  • Maui Pure: True Maui Jim frames down to the letter. These sporty designs are made for your next tropical getaway.
  • Maui HT: Frames with Maui Jim’s new High-Transmission lenses that are designed to optimize your sight in any lighting conditions be it early morning, midday or sunset.

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Whether you’re wasting away again in Margaretville or enjoying a Pina Colada at midnight, Maui Jim Eyewear has the frames for you. Visit us at Eyewearhaus Boutique in Creve Coeur and see the world more clearly today.

But wait! What good are these high performance glasses if your vision isn’t already the best it can be? Eyewearhaus Boutique has highly trained opticians that are excited to help you. Set up an eye exam today so you can see well and look great in Maui Jim Eyewear.

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