Morel Lunettes


In 1880, a 25 year old man began his professional career as an eyewear specialist. He started as an optical repairman working out of his family’s farmhouse. He continued to work full-time on his farm while mastering his trade and working with eyewear customers. It was this man’s passion, hard work and values that created the Morel Lunettes brand and keeps it alive today. That man’s name was Jules Morel.

Over 130 years later and Morel Lunettes still holds traditions and values of their founder Jules Morel, which is why they stand as the benchmark of French know-how in the eyewear industry. Still based in France to this day, Morel Lunettes is at the forefront of French craftsmanship in both quality and design.


In the many, many years Morel Lunettes has been around they have created 6 different sub brands under their company umbrella each with their own style and innovations. All brands carry options for both prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. Here’s a rundown on each of them:

  • Lotus II: The lotus is considered a sacred flower in Egypt. The softness and fluidness of the lotus are the inspiration for the soft, fluid frame shapes. All Lotus II frames are handmade using the finest brightly colored acetate.
  • Tulipe: The tulip inspires the design of the aluminum temples that are vibrantly bi-colored in this whimsical line. Elegantly understated, the Tulipe collection is perfect for those who are ready to begin stepping out of the box.
  • Népenthe 3: This line is inspired by the pitcher plant, also known as the Népenthe plant. Shaped like a vase, the temples of this line are light and airy and spiraled together with the perfect combination of bright and discreet colors.


Morel Lunettes has defined and mastered countless styles throughout their near century and a half run in the eyewear game. Their designs range from classical, sophisticated eyeglasses to fashion forward, modern sunglasses and everything in between.

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