Ronit Furst: Buy Original, Hand Painted Ronit Furst Frames in St. Louis


Before Ronit Furst founded Ronit Furst Eyewear in 2002 she was already a highly successful artist. She became a household name in Israel from her line of crockery gaining international recognition. Before that she was simply an artist with a gift for colors and sculpting. Little did she know, her gift would make her a big name player in the eyewear industry.

Bored with her current glasses and unimpressed with what the market had to offer, artist Ronit Furst took matters into her own artistic hands. She took some paint to her dull, old frames and added a burst of bright, energetic colors. She was pretty happy with them, but that was nothing compared to the response she received from her friends, family and even random strangers.

With such an overwhelmingly positive reception there was only one thing left to do. So Furst and her husband created a new eyewear brand that has become a huge success.



Ronit Furst’s operation has grown quite a bit since 2002. She now offers several collections each with their own personality. Here are a few of the collections that she offers:

  • Classic Collection: Classic, acetate frames given new life with unique and inspiring paint jobs. You could look like Atticus Finch, but if he had a wild streak. Unisex frames made from high quality acetate.
  • Black Collection: These frames are business in the front and party on the sides. The frames are black, but with colored stripes and inspiring designs on the temples. Unisex frames made from high quality acetate.
  • Joy Collection: Translucent acetate frames in exclusively bright, neon colors. Imagine wearing a rainbow. Now imagine wearing these frames. You just imagined the same thing twice.



Add an artistic flare to your personality with Ronit Furst. Each pair of frames is completely unique, like a snowflake, as each frame is individually hand-painted.

Nobody is exactly like you so why should you settle on a pair of machine manufactured frames? Be you and be proud of being you with a pair of Ronit Furst prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses.

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You’re going to love these 100% hand painted frames. Each pair is made from the highest quality acetate and painted to reflect any personality or mood. In fact, you might need to pick up a few different pairs to round out your wardrobe or to let people know when you’re having a great day. Visit us at the Eyewearhaus Boutique in Creve Coeur and pick up yours today!

Enjoy these beautiful frames to their fullest by being able to see them clearly. Schedule an eye exam at Eyewearhaus Boutique today!

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