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The term Renaissance man refers to a person that has a plethora of knowledge and talents. Founder of Starck Eyes, Philippe Starck is, without a doubt, a true renaissance man. He has spent his life creating countless architecture and design masterpieces including hotels, restaurants and bars, museums, industrial equipment, furniture, vehicles and even eyewear.

Starck believes in the functionality of a product. Starck Eyes aren’t meant to be a fashion statement or a frill; they are designed simply to be the best at what they do. That’s why Starck created the Pivotal Biolink technology for Starck Eyes.

The Pivotal Biolink is a hinge inspired by the human clavicle. The organic design allows the hinge to respond the same way your body would. It acts as an extension of your own biological movements.


The best way to describe the style of Philippe Starck’s eyewear is bionic and I don’t mean that in the “murderous robot sent from the future” sort of way. I mean that in the true, scientific definition of the word; the harmonious fusion of technology and humanity to create a newer, better organism. 

That’s the long-winded way to say that these glasses are sleek and modern, but minimalistic. They aren’t outfitted with shiny stones, they don’t have snazzy paint jobs and they don’t use intricate designs. They are simple in design and highly functional.


Starck Eyes are a limited and small collection of designs that come in a variety of colors and styles. They all use Starck’s patented Pivotal Biolink to ensure maximum flexibility and comfort for the wearer.

The materials used in Starck Eyes are a combination of high quality, durable acetate and stainless steel.


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Have you seen Iron Man? Of course you have. These glasses are the Tony Stark Iron Man suits of eyewear, created by a different genius, Philippe Starck. Pretty close right? So come on down to Eyewearhaus Boutique in Creve Coeur today and get the glasses of the future a couple of decades early.

Now since you’re coming in anyway, why not get your prescription updated? Our highly trained opticians are more than happy to update your prescriptions and get you fitted for a brand new pair of Starck Eyes. Schedule an eye exam today and see well while you’re looking great.

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