Tavat Eyewear


“American design combined with the ingenuity of artisan craftsmanship”. Tavat Eyewear brought their designs to the eyewear industry in 2010; aware of the ebbs and flows of the private practice, Tavat works exclusively with independent opticians who appreciate the delicacy of handcrafted eyewear.  Design-driven and built on principles of independence and impeccable quality eyewear, each frame begins by designers in California and finishes with expert craftsmen in the foothills of the Dolomites in Northern Italy.


Soup Can: Amidst design brainstorms for the original Tavat Airman line, designer Norman Schureman was visiting a friend who constructs and races airplanes. On the wall of the garage, Mr. Schureman noticed an old advertisement poster for crop dusters of the 1930s. These men, who had coined themselves “The Flying Burritos”, wore “crudely made” goggles that immediately led Mr. Schureman to think the goggles were cut from soup cans, and thusly, a new line was created.


In an era of eyewear where everything that can be thought of has already been done, the designers of Tavat Eyewear focus their energies on constantly re-inventing original techniques and designs. Using iconic shapes combined with modern materials and technological advances, Tavat Eyewear is ever evolving into their own iconic status.

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