Frequently Asked Questions at our Eyewear Boutique

Why is EYEWEARHAUS the best Eyewear Boutique in St. Louis for Designer Eyewear?

EYEWEARHAUS is St. Louis’ top eyewear boutique for designer eyeglasses and sunglasses because we offer a wide selection of frames including many that are not often found in the St. Louis Area. At EYEWEARHAUS, we work with our clients individually and assist them in finding the ideal frames for their style. Whether you are due for you annual eye exam, or just want to update your style, if you are looking to buy designer eyewear in St. Louis, come by our eyewear boutique for a broad selection of unique eyewear.

What Designer Eyewear Brands can I buy at your St. Louis Eyewear Boutique?

We sell a wide selection of designer eye glasses at our unique boutique. The following are some of the noteworthy designer eyewear brands whose collections are available in our store.

How do I choose unique eyeglass frames that look great on me?

At EYEWEARHAUS, in St. Louis, Missouri, we are dedicated to helping our patients select eyeglass frames that are individual to their unique style and tastes. This is why we carry a large selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses made by some of the most unique eyewear manufacturers. Visit our St. Louis Eyewear Boutique to choose the glasses that are “Uniquely You!”


Do you sell designer reading glasses?

Yes, at our eyewear boutique we sell a variety of unique eyewear frames including designer reading glasses. The eyeglasses available through our boutique are each designed to help enhance your individual style and personality. Come by our eyewear boutique in Creve Coeur to view our current selection of modern reading glasses.

Does EYEWEARHAUS sell Designer Sunglasses with prescription lenses?

Our St. Louis eyeglass boutique also carries a varied selection of designer sunwear including Oakley Sunglasses, Maui Jim Sunglasses, Coach Sunglasses, Prada Sunglasses, and Cazal Sunglasses. We sell designer sun glasses both with prescription lenses and without. All of the sunglasses available at our boutique offer optimal protection from damaging UV rays. If you are interested in buying prescription designer sunglasses in St. Louis, EYEWEARHAUS is the eyewear boutique for you.

I just had an exam at another St. Louis eye care provider. Can I still buy designer eyeglasses from EYEWEARHAUS?

Even if you are not due for your annual eye exam, you can still buy unique eyeglasses from our St. Louis Eyewear Boutique. If you just recently had an eye exam from another eye care provider, but are interested in updating your style with a pair of unique eyeglasses from the EYEWEARHAUS, we can help. Just contact your previous eye care professional to obtain your eyeglass prescription and bring it to our boutique. Our staff will happily show you through our collection of eyewear, and assist you in selecting your new designer frames.

What types of eye care services do you offer at your St. Louis Eyewear Boutique?

In addition to our selection of designer eyewear, we offer annual eye exams and contact lens exams at our eyewear boutique. Please see our Eye Care Services Page to learn more about these eye care services offered.